Painting the 80's Running Boards

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Mar 28, 2003
Hi Everyone,

I will be attempting to repaint the running boards on my 80, they started to show rust under the front and rear plastic molding / inserts. Do you have a suggestion as to what is the best way to tackle the rust then the type rust prohibitor I need to utilize prior to the paint ??

Thanks for the info ahead of time.

I Refurbed My Steps on my "New" 80

I bought a '96 FJZ80 on EBAY from a MB Dealer in Colorado in January.
The truck is stock and there is no rust underneath, but the Steps were a little rusty underneath.
The treads were loose because the connectors were cracked; once you remove them- the treads are done because they are brittle with age.
There was considerable rust and dirt under the treads, so they should be removed to do the refurb correctly.
The good news is that they still have the treads available at your local Toyota Store.
The prior owner had scuffed the mudflaps and they were cracked as well, so I decided to replace the treads, the front molding that comes off the front fender flares onto the step, the rear molded ends along with the Rear Mud flaps.
All of these parts are still available.
I removed the Steps and disassembled them, painted the steps and mounting hardware with Rustoleum primer and chased it with Rustoleum Highgloss.
I also added an additional support on the driver's side.

I went back with the old steps and the new treads and other aforementioned new plastic and it looks like a new truck.
Hope this helps!!
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Painted mine with a Rusto can when I straightened them out a long time ago for fun. Came out just fine. That was strictly for giggles, though, cuz there is no way these things are going back on unless I sell the truck (never....! :)).
Thanks guys. My wife has a severe back injury and that's why I kept the setps/running boards on so she can get in and out without much pain. The only mod the truck received is 285/75 tires.

Thanks again.


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