Paintable chip guard?

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Sep 12, 2003
Tacoma, WA
Can anyone recommend a paintable rubberized chip guard? I would like to apply it to the bottom 2-3" all around my body before I paint it. My HJ has this done is it's great but I don't know what was used. It needs to be something with minimal texture that will take paint. I have seen products out there, but I am looking for experience. Thanks!
3M has the product you need, cleverly called "paintable chip guard" as I remember. Goes on clear (ish). Your local autobody paint store should have it.
I never kept any of the trucks I put it on long enough to judge, I had the V8 60 the longest, never had a problem with it in maybe 6 months or so.
I have used a product from "Proform" i think it's called panel guard, it's tintable and tough.
I have used it as undercoat and has held up great.
here's what I got...

I have used a product from "Proform" i think it's called panel guard, it's tintable and tough.
I have used it as undercoat and has held up great.

What this guy suggested is the direction you need to go. The reason for this is because Chip guard painted over will only cause white spots when the rocks hit the outer layer of paint. If you notice on alot of vehicles, when their chip guard has alot of chips in it from rocks, the under lying layer is usually white. Therefore I would suggest a chip guard that is either Tintable....or the bottom 2-3 inches going with a "two tone" like paint job. For example, the upper portion your color, the lower layer almost as if you have a rhino lining or something that is a solid color when it is sprayed. Or even the same color as you are painting the entire truck. So that when it does get chipped, it is still the same color as the exterior chip guard.

Simply put, get your paint job......take some tape and tape off the lower sections all the way around your truck, sand the portion down and throw a cover over the rest of the vehicle so nothing is exposed. Don't forget to cover the wheels as well. Then, get yourself a black truck coating, or a 2 part bed liner kit....something that is durable and spray it yourself.

Here is an example of an entire truck 85 awhile back.

Now look at the lower portion after I painted the top half with rattle can.

Just keep in mind that the 2 part bedliner type product will fade and not have a glossy color. This will be the only downside to a bedliner type lower portion. But again, I think the guy I am quoting is going in the right direction.
thanks for the info. This stuff is clear, but your right in that the under layer will show through when I the paint gets chipped off of it. However, my main concern is the chips exposing bare metal which this stuff will prevent. I don't mind going back with touch up from time to time. This truck will not be a rock crawler, more a camping/expedition style truck so minor pebble chips are all I trying to protect against.

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