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We re-designed our bumper this spring, and here are a few pictures of the bumper mid-build. Its basically similar to the bumper I stopped selling 3 years ago, but since we had a handful of complaints about fit... we pulled the design, and we have just now went back to the 'drawing-board' and totally redesigned ever piece.

Although the corners in these pictures are hand plasma cut and fitted, the production parts are CNC lasercut and bent. We haven't started selling these officially, but we are taking deposits and inquiries.

What sets this bumper apart from our previous design is that the corners are modular. They bolt to the center-section with multiple bolts, and we will have other styles available by late spring, early summer for those who want more protection than this style offers.

We will also have a tread-plate top surface standard on the next release

Pricing will start at $575 AS SHOWN








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