MUDShip Pa to Co shipper is looking for a return load

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Nov 11, 2003
Mountaintop, Pa
United States
Hello all, I'm picking up a vehicle in Colorado and having it shipped to northeast PA. Shipper already stayed it won't happen till next year and a lot depending on the weather. He's asking if I know anybody looking for transport going the other way vehicles and parts. I'm not sure what kind of detours he's willing to take you'll need to work that out. If you want to drop it off at my place in PA I'll gladly help out a member.

Thanks Bob
No one with experience will schedule a trip for that route until the Spring.

Owner - operators do not jeopardize their equipment or their load by driving in hazardous winter weather - despite what auto transport brokers tell you ( they are ssiiting on their ass in a warm office ).

The weather is unpredictable - you can spend days sitting out a bad storm & the aftermath of accidents.

Around this time last year I spent several days sitting out a winter storm at the Oregon - California border along I-5.

The interstate would open - the underpaid Indian drivers would jump in their semis & jackknife their rigs shutting down the freeway.

Just be patient.

Ya, Bob that would be me.. I new I saw your name before,, I was trying to round you up some return business..
I have some seats I need shipped from PA to Boulder
I'll pass it along, but it they fit on a pallet take them to fastenal . I just had an engine shipped for 160..

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