For Sale PA 2F engine SOLD

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
United States
Selling a 2F engine previous owner says it is the original engine (serial # 2F255423) from a very rusty 76 FJ55 that was just dismantled. I only heard it run while gas was being poured into the carburetor. PO says it was rebuilt. Oil is clean, coolant was clean and green, no rust in the radiator either. Complete from oil pan to air cleaner. No idea if the carb is any good. It has some perks, too- has a big body electronic distributor (yes the coil with matching wiring comes with it), and a power steering pump that is mounted in a neat bracket that attaches to the mounting boss for the air pump bracket, and the pump has a nice wide groove 17MM pulley, alternator, water pump, belts and fan blade still attached. I'll throw in the starter, too. Price $400 come get it out of my garage, located northeast PA not far from I81. Best to email me
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Engine has been sold. Heck the distributor, coil igniter, air cleaner and PS setup are worth more than $400! Thanks!!!!!

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