P0507 error mystery on a 2010 Prado 150 VXL

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Jul 10, 2017
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Hi everyone,

I recently started getting a P0507 error message on my Prado that only appears when I drive in automatic. For some strange reason, the error doesn't appear when I drive in standard (sport) mode. When this happens I cannot use low range and the D icon on my display disappears (see picture), I replaced the gear sensor a week ago and that had no effect, and the nice people at the Toyota dealership could not really be of any help aside from suggesting a 20 000 SR (5 333 USD) repair in order to replace the ECU.

I replaced the problematic hydraulic suspension that was stock on the model with heavy duty coil spring suspension a year ago and have driven 80K km without since then without any issues at all, aside from the check suspension message on the console. The mechanics at the dealership suggested that that might be the problem... In other words, they had no idea what do do.

Have any of you encountered this issue due to replacing the stock hydraulic suspension, or ever come across this problem? and how were you able to problem solve it? Thanks
Engine error messages.JPG
Engine error messages.JPG

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