Outback Challenge 2008 Australia.

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Feb 20, 2006
San Clemente, California, USA
Our participation in the 10th anniversary!!!

By: Roberto L. Miranda

G’Day!!! people from our expedition team has been doing expeditions and off road racing for over a decade now, and we reached levels that we never dreamed of. In fact, we are dreaming our vision and let me tell you, fantasies are an expensive deal. As soon as you start to work on them, on your dreams, you are screwed. Without notice, we were deeply involved in a project that goes far beyond your imagination. We were working long days to reach the impossible, the building up of the car, the human team that represents us, the Venezuelans, in that remarkable race.

From previous experiences from our friends in the off road world, we know in advance that Australians customs will take more than few days, so we are following their advise and we shipped the car (crystal clear, no fuel) with enough time to get the release on time for the event. For racing purposes, we must follow all administrative steps and timing that is required. The race will not wait for us; we must be there on time.

We know about the “friendly” battle between top brand names in the off road world, one of the Venezuelan teams goes with a brand new FZJ79 from Toyota. The other one (us) goes with a brand new 4-door JK from Jeep. Dang Venezuelans, let me tell you...
But, we have a secret weapon, a cute Venezuelan girl as a driver for our team, yeap, a Venezuelan girl; you know what I’m talking about. Over the years, she has demonstrated to be a magnet for pictures, besides her excellent skills as an off-road driver. She was there, fighting shoulder to shoulder to earn respect from our community, so she did it again.

It’s easy to anticipate a great coverage for our team, so we are in contact with the media and related companies. We’ll see…

link about the race here:

I will post some pics (next week) of the work that we did, we are in the selection phase ...
but you can take a look of the JK here...

BF Goodrich for the KM2 mud Terrain tires 37x12.5.
Winch Line for the Synthetic ropes.
Viking off Road for the custom Softop.
Warn Industry for the M-8274 -50 winch, the Warn Accessory Kit , and the XP9.5 winch
Poison Spyder Customs foe the Wheel Spyder Locks Beadlocks.
4x4sPOD4x4 for the 6 Switch System for accessory wiring and control box.
AEV American Expedition Vehicles for the Hood and Snorkel.
Kilby enterprises for the Gas tank Skid plate and gas pump relocation Kit.
Superior Axle & Gear for the Gear ring and pinion, Install kit and spare parts.
Powertrain Industries for the Driveshafts.
Dynatrac, for the Axles.
Atlas Transfer Case. for the T/C.
Rubicon Express, for the suspension kit.

Shop work:
Off Road Evolution (axles, roll cage, atlas transfer case and suspension installation)
Adventure Trailers (auxiliary light bar)

Freight and Logistics:
Carnet Express
Roanote Trade
Clare Logistics

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