For Sale Orlando; miscellaneous 60 & 70 Series diesel service & repair manuals, JDM publications, tool bags, parts

Feb 27, 2013
Orlando FL USA
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Emptying the shelves after the sale of my HJ60 and pending sale of my BJ74, the following items are listed on ebay. If you'd like any of them, DM me rather than buying it on ebay; and the price will be as listed here (at least 20% lower) with free shipping. More to come...

New Toyota Land Cruiser Front Turn Signal Housing & Lens, L & R, 81510 & 81520-69175, $40

Used OEM TOYOTA LAND CRUISER TOOL BAG; Canvas, stamped S35, 14½"L X 4½W" X 4H", $85

Used OEM TOYOTA LAND CRUISER TOOL BAG; Canvas, 14½" X 3½" X 3¾", $70

Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel 4 & 6 Cylinder Max Ellery's Factory Workshop Manual, $125

Toyota Land Cruiser Gregory's No 502 HJ Series Diesel Service & Repair Manual, $44

Haynes Manual 92751 Toyota Land Cruiser (diesel) 1980-1998 Repair Manual, $32

Toyota 11B, 13B, & 13B-T Engine Repair & Service Manual (Original Japanese edition), $80

Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70, 71, 73, 74 & LJ71 Parts Catalogue (Orig. Japanese edition), $80

Toyota 64707-90K02-03 Land Cruiser 70 Series Tool Compartment Cover, Grey, $50


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