For Sale or trade: 2003 Tacoma Ext Cab V6 4WD 4.88's Locked F/R (1 Viewer)

Aug 5, 2010
United States
or trade for LC: 2003 Tacoma Ext Cab V6 4WD 4.88's Locked F/R

Edit: I am serious about selling this truck and have decided to lower the price to $8K.

Let me start off by saying I need to get rid of this and buy a LandCruiser. So, that being said, the best deal I could offer on this truck would be in trade for a LC.

I am in Eastern NC.

I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma Ext Cab V6 4WD for sale or trade. This has been a very reliable and dependable truck for me and I hate to see it go but I need a 4Runner or Land Cruiser. If you have a 1999 or newer 4Runner or 1993 – 1997 Land Cruiser with no rust (I don’t really care about much else) and you are willing to trade message me and maybe we can work something out.

There is ZERO rust on the body or frame. The frame is in VERY good shape.

This truck has been in Florida for all but the last 6 months.

Has a 2 inch coil spacer on the front with and add a leaf on the back

A matching Leer topper

It does have 240,000 miles, but you would never be able to tell unless you looked at the odometer.

Overall this truck is in good condition and you cannot tell it has the miles. It runs like new and has ZERO mechanical problems.

4.88’s with lockers front and rear, E locker in rear and lockrite in front (you can’t tell it’s there when in two wheel drive)

The Elocker is not a factory option and I have it wired to a switch in the cab (12 volt guy). The rear third is going to be replaced with a brand new third from East coast gear supply before you get the truck.

It has 285/75/16 tires on it (they need replaced).

The timing belt needs replaced and if need be I will change the belt, water pump, tensioner, and everything else that typically gets changed for $700 extra including parts.

I will post up more pics later on tonight, including one with the topper.

Any questions please ask.


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