Aug 26, 2010
Newport Beach, CA
Im about to buy this trailer, but I would like to get your opinion on what you think the value is, and if I could get away with selling it (relatively) quickly if i have to...as in not hold on to it for several months.

its a home built trailer that has been used a half dozen times.
It has not been licensed but has all the required lighting to be licensed.
It has a 2000lb torsion axles with 31in BFG's.
The ground clearance is right around 24 in. It has a removeable. 2in ball mount that can be swithed to a pintle hitch.
a Yakima roof rack with a removeable basket.
5gal Jerry can, aux. lighting on the front and side.
ax and shovel mounted on the side and front and rear storage boxes.

it basically comes with everything in the photos including a kamp rite cot

any opinions would be appreciated!!! :clap:


Bigfoot?!...never heard of him...
Jul 7, 2008
Hudson Valley, NY
I'll give it a go...

My offer, based on what you described (not including frame materials) would be between $1800-$2000. It could be more, but I don't see a torsion axle as a plus on an off road trailer, the rubber bushings can't take the constant beating of a non-smooth road. The Yakima basket and bars aren't cheap, but will they hold 2 grown adults in a tent?

Make a lower offer, maybe $1500, throw a Dexter 3500# brake axle and a suspension/shocks under it, and a RTT tent on some serious bars on top...and you got yourself an "official" rig.

At that point you might be able to turn it over at $3500-$4000

good luck
Mar 15, 2007
Minneapolis, mn
Looks like a box on wheels, with a swingout... If its home built, I agree with Pat, probably $1800 not counting time into it. I think its worth a go, so long as the frame structure is nice and stout. Depending of course on what hes asking for it. I have well over $3000 into my trailer not counting the tent or the labor. I'd be hard pressed to sell mine for less than $3000.

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