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Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
Im going wheelin for 3-4 days out in Death Valley (Annual BLOTCH trip). We'll be dry camping with no base camp, so im trying to think of everything Ill need to do before I go and what parts, tools etc. I should bring.
rig: 88 fj 62 with 219K ,stock except 2.5 in shackel lift.

Terrain:400 miles of miles of street there and back, moderate to steep inclines, 6-10 inch rock, light rock crawling, wash board and of course your run of the mill dirt roads.

been done so far: Plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, alternator, distributor, Fuel Tx for injectors,front break change.

Stuff Im planning on: Fluid change (diff, oil, tranny, radiator). New rims+ tires (use 2 of the old ones for spares), grease fittings.

Problems it has now: SMALL leak @ rear main/ oil pan (could be either, drips 1 drop or so every couple of days), lower tranny hose (small leak), HARD break, not spongy, but when I break it takes A LOT of pressure to stop, Takes a lot of cranks to start when HOT.

Is there anything else you all can think of? What kind of spare parts should I bring? Collection of tools? Should I re pack the hubs? Should I replace the fuel pump for good measure?
What do you all thiink.:bounce2: :idea: :confused:


Fix brakes, that's even MORE important than the engine in my opinion, especially on an automatic. Fix the leaky tranny hose too.
I'd bring a spare set of belts, hoses, plugs, rotor and cap, filters, antifreeze, brake fluid and oil (engine and tranny ATF and gear oil). Decent set of tool too so you can actually replace the parts you brought!!
The hubs will live even if they start to leak as long as the diff has oil.
I would'nt replace the fuel pump but if you're concerned bring a spare.
Thanks cruiser guy,
Good ideas.

That's basically my parts list (slight differences due to my diesel) and I drive annually from Vancouver, B.C., Canada to Guatemala! I also carry an OEM shop manual but then if I break down I'm a long way from shops so I've got to be prepared.
HOLY S*$T!!!! I can see why youd do that...that's quite a hike.
I just did a front break job hoping that would solve the hard brake, but no such luck...Ill have to get the rears this weekend. I was planning on bringing all the fluids, but I didnt think of hoses, thats a good one. Im going to replace the belts and keep the old ones as spares.

Thanks again,

On the brakes, I'd check the vacuum line to the booster for breakage or check out the booster.
The brake pedal should drop slightly as you start the truck and there should be a large improvement in brakes with the truck off as opposed to the truck off and the vacuum from the booster gone (ie: pump the brakes a few times with the truck off, the pedal should rise slightly with each pump as the vacuum is used up).
Hey cruiser guy,
Thanks for the tip...Ill check that out too. Ill be doing some of my list this weekend.
Also, thanks for even responding to this thread...I thought Id have a more diverse response range. Oh well.

I appreciate the time.

2nd the vacuum...triple check for leaks, hose condition. Ask me how expensive a $3 vacuum line cost if it is the last thing you replace.:doh:

edit: ATTACK of The Blue Cruisers!
Extra air filter just in case, too.
Sens me a PM and I'll send you my phone number. I am in Vegas and can probably give you a hand if something horrible happens.
Hey all,
Thanks for the responses and the tips...The plug kit is already on the list and will be going into my spare parts bin in the rig. Im also going to get 2 spare tires to tote along as well. Im going to pick up a cheap set of black steels while Im at it.
Ive checked every inch of break line for leaks and shes dry as a bone!
Hey Mace...thanks for the offer for the emergency number...Ill shoot you a PM here soon. How far are you from Olancha? There are like 10- 15 other rigs going, so I wont be stranded.
Do you think U joints should come along for the ride?
Im also going to bring enough for a full fluid change if necessary.
I have really no safe place to store fuel except in the back of the rig...You have any other ideas? Will the roof handle a full size spare AND additional gas? How many gallons should I bring?



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