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Oct 28, 2006
Kirkland, WA
Realized I did not introduce myself when I joined in the fall of 2006.

Had the "starter issue" and was digging around the web for info. Via (not very active on LCs, but a good Toyota source) I found my way to IH8MUD.COM.

My '99 LC is pretty much standard/stock. Bought it in 2002 with just under 60K miles. It is now approaching 85K so it is not driven that much (traveled so much when working so truck was at home most of the time, lived in Camry 4x4 rental cars instead). In the PNW, there seem to be an abundance of white '99 LCs. Sometimes wonder if they were sold in bulk. Mine blends right in.

My first encounter with an LC was back in Algeria in the early 90ies. Pekka had been totaled in his Volvo 245 wagon and felt like he needed something more "solid". He bought a brand new 80 series diesel from Denmark. Riding the (huge) LC on Algeria's roads really made me feel like a "king". It was the largest private vehicle out there. Note, that even in the desert, Pekka bought his LC w/o air conditioning. Could not handle the quick changes between hot and cold. So even to this day, I rarely use the a/c. I endure the nice heat instead (to wife's frustration).

When the 100 series was tested in Motor Trend (1998?) and deemed something like "best truck ever" I sort I knew I needed one but could only afford a Land Rover. Luckily I held off on the purchase of either the D90 or the Disco since I was about to leave Texas for the Pacific NorthWest. Once up here, work, travel, marriage, dogs, house, all came in the way before I finally felt it was time. My fear was that the garage opening not being tall enough, but a loaner was tried and it'd fit with about 1" to spare. Done deal (else there had been a Pathfinder or 4Runner there now).

Only issues so far; the starter (expected and relatively easily fixed), the O2 sensor (easy) and a small "click sound" from driver side window lift. Will take apart and inspect/fix soon.

Deemed pretty skilled with all aspect of technology by friends/neighbors and sort of local "resource" for many. Active on a number of forums (boating forums in Sweden and the U.S., computer forums, general technology/gadgets), run a few mailing lists, and actively engaged in the local community on anything that touches planning, transportation and communications issues.

IH8MUD has been a great info source and I hope that I've been able to contribute some as well. Have not been a hard core off-roader since my days in the Swedish Army where we literally learned to drive "anywhere" (not desert though).
Hence, the LC is today a great "cruiser" and used mainly on pavement and forests roads to go hiking/biking/dogging. Still running Dunlop GrandTreks (stock on quite a few early LCs up here and deemed the worst tire by some - I still have to have any issues...).

OK, I hope I've made up for a very belated intro...

/// Per-Ola
Jan 25, 2007
Very nice introduction.

You have been here longer than I have. But still, welcome.....
Jul 7, 2005
Avon Lake, Ohio
My 2000 came with the Dunlops. The first hard ran I was slipping all over the place. Relaced with Michelin. Much better. I drive mainly highway and side streets.

Welcome :flipoff2:
Jul 10, 2005
Matthews, NC
Welcome and nice write up! I agree IH8MUD is a fantastic source of info. It has helped me troubleshoot a few minor issues and save a lot of $$$. Thanks for your help and insight of some of the technology issues.


Gotta get outta here...
Sep 20, 2003
Welcome !

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