ONSC Safety and Equipment Checklist

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Sep 13, 2007
Apex, NC
I just posted this in the URE ride thread for this weekend, but just in case someone doesn't read that thread, I'm posting the link here also.

Here is a link to the safety inspection checklist that we will be running through on Saturday morning. Please download the PDF and review that you have/meet the required items. If you have any concerns prior to the ride feel free to send me a PM or post a question in this thread.

ONSC Safety and Equipment Checklist

Note that most of the safety requirements are basic state inspection requirements (making your truck legal to drive on the road...). Since this is the first ride to have an inspection, unless your truck has major violations, it will be allowed to participate and the failed items will be noted to be repaired for the next trip. As we discussed previously, if your truck does fail a ride inspection, you will have top priority for the next HAMOM. Remember that we don't want to exclude folks, but instead want to make the rides safe and fun for everyone. Plus there are usually plenty of trucks with open seats available, so you can always catch a ride with someone.

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