Once a month shipper from Tucon to TN

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Nov 6, 2006
Victoria, TX
United States
Ok I found this guy on Craigslist. He's getting ready to ship a 71 Pig for me tomorrow and he's doing it for a good price. I want to give this guy some more business for doing me a good service. He's kinda going out of his way for me on this excursion. I have his phone number and craigslist link. Let me make sure he's alright with me posting it here for him.
Alright I spoke to the shipper his name is Rob Hendricks he has a business in Knoxville and one in Tucson so he is back and forth at least once a month. He said that he is willing to ship items along his route. He is leaving his route for me so he may do it again. I am going to just copy his Craigslist add to this page will make it easier since this won't expire. Hope his services will be used by others he has gotten me out of a bind bringing my new FJ55 home.

New one ton dually truck for hire (tucson, az to knoxville, t)
Reply to: hessconstruction@yahoo.com
Date: 2008-05-08, 10:20AM MST

one ton dually truck will haul your boat, camper,(large ball hitch) anything, well, almost anything back to knoxville, nashville, memphis, tennessee, truck leaving 5/10/08 call 865-924-6021, if wanting to fill truck bed, truck has high top utility topper
Hey I have to drop another post really fast. So far this guy has really gone out of his way to help out the LC cause. Not only did he offer to pull the Pig all the way to south Texas but he also picked up the tow bar from a guy on craigslist and paid for it for me and went to pepboys and paid for the tow lights, 2"ball, and safety chains for the pull. He also went to the sellers house and installed the Tow Bar for me. I know he's going to charge me for these things but how many shippers are going to go through the trouble of all this to help a brother out.??? I'm sure if Rob is in the area I'll use him again and he's not even here yet.

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