? on how to recognize an OME suspension..

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Jan 28, 2010
Hey guys.. recently bought a 60.. do alot of cross country driving ( across Peru.. mountains, desert, jungle, we have it all ).. and I think my suspension is aftermarket.. but really noone here can tell me.. a few owners ago.. the suspension got overhauled.. ( that is what I am told ) The old owner who I cannot reach anymore had money.. and i assume from other mods that were well done.. that if OME or another quality suspension were available.. he would have installed one of them.. is there somewhere I shoudl be looking to ID the type or anything special that woudl help me identify the mystery suspension.. Really there is nothing here to compare it to.. Thanks

on the 80 the OME shocks are yellow with a colorful OME label and maybe something stamped (not sure, forgot).
x2 - look for any paper tags still left on the springs. Assuming he didn't mix and match springs, all you need is to find one intact one between all 4 to confirm their source.
Also you might check the top of the spring packs (closest to frame) for CS003, -004, or -005 those are the current models that OME uses for their lifts. On first glance it doesn't appear like the rear shackles are OME though, the ones in OME kits have the anti-inversion pin and those look just like the barbell shackles that HFS uses.
One easy way is to see if the springs flatten out (Not from the perches) at the axle. OME is proud that their springs have a flat seat instead of an arch across the entire spring length.
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all i gotta say is...

I'm diggin' the red 60! Nice!
I'm not getting the money angle.

snorkle looks homemade and ziptied, rig doesn't have much light between fenders and wheels. Firm stance, yes, not saggy butt, like my spare 60.

what tires do you have?
great looking truck! hope u get the suspension figured out.

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