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Oct 5, 2007
Dickinson, ND
Howdy! I am looking at doing OME heavy plus in the rear in heavy in the front. In the past I had a 62 with the only mod was OME 2.5 heavy and I loved the firm ride. I'd like to replecate that with my 60 however I have bumpers, rack, tire carrier and fuel can to compisate for along with the third row I plan to add to fit my tribe of Kids, lol. Spoke to various off road shops here and they seem to scratch their heads just reading the instructions just to order the kit and want to sell me shackles I'm not sure I want. Cost of install + suspenison and installing new tie rod ends I picked up from SOR is $1200, but I have a serious lack of confidence in allowing them to work on my LC. Having said that, I spoke to cruiser outfitters yesterday, and they can give me exactly what I want and seem to have the knowledge that gives me confidence for $1180 + $300 for shipping and I have to install myself (not setup, and HOA does not allow) or pay the $400 labor to a shop I don't trust for a total of $1900 + Tax. $600 more!

This leads me to my question, somewhat. Currently it is setup with SOR's "grocery getter" springs which is a custom setup for them from ARB/OME. Springs are 4 years old, installed long before bumpers, rack etc were installed, (according to PO) and still apear to be in good shape. The rig does lean on the passenger side by one inch, which PO says occured after he gave up on shimming the setup, idk. I spoke to SOR about the age of them and the load they have carried and they gave me the green light that they would be good to put on another 60 without the extra weight. Currently it feels top heavy as SOR's grocery getter is a mild spring.

Ok, so my question is this; anyone out there willing to install my OME and tie rod ends, in exchange for my current setup, which includes greasable shackles and pins, etc if I order from Cruiser Outfitters. Or could someone either get with me or point me to a shop that can order and install with the experience needed? Thanks, this whole thing has me confused and mildly frustrated.

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