Ok im picking my 34 10/50 ltbs tomorow on rockcrushers. Will they fit?

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Apr 25, 2005
So im picking up a set of 34 inch 10/50 ltbs on black rock crusher rims $375 .

Im hopeing they will fit my fj 62. No lift kit yet. If anyone is up this time of night and sees this post please reply . I leave at 10 in morning to drive 3 hours to pick them up. Just wanting few opinions on wether you all think they gonna fit with no lift kit?\
I no this aint the best pic to view my truck for tire clearance. but whats on there right now is 32 11/50s i have a inch to inch and half on inside of the wheel to the wheel well at full stuff right now. Im shore at full stuff im gonna have some rub with the 34s but any idea how much and what spot most like to hit first?

Two issues: (1) rubage and (2) under gearage. You will likely experience plenty of both those tires on a basically stock 62.
If you are getting Swamper LTB 34 x 10.50s for your unlifted truck, don't worry. The Swampers are self-clearancing! :)
Pics will be up shortly they fit and clear only have one spot i have to use the BFH on. Right at the botton corner of front wheel well it rubs about a half inch of tire at full stuff. beleve it or not woot they fit clear im so happy
last pic was with the old 32 11/50s

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