Oil pressure sender

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Dec 10, 2016
New Zealand
I used the 3bll sender on my 15b when i did the swap , but must have knocked it around abit .. It was working fine but the housing was seeping oil so I bought a new one.
It should be correct , part number 83520-60010 and looks the same but the guage is dead...
I used thread tape , but earthing shouldnt be a big deal because it has a seperate earth wire too the housing .
I touched the sender wire too the block and the guage went right up so i dont think its the guage.
How do i check the sender ?
I would apply ohmmeter to it. If no resistance makes the gauge go right up, infinite ohms (open circuit) might mean the sender is faulty.
I was wrong.
Here are the tests shown in the manual.
was thinking that too.. I cant find a 3.4 watt bulb too test the sender , but will check its not blocked aswell
damn it , no tape over hole , tryed with no thread tape , old one still works , but new one still dead and cant find a 3.4 watt bulb too test it.
im wondering if they sent me a 24v one.
So after 1 leaky sender , a switch bought by accident , and a new sender that was dead , I finaly got a good used sender from a toyota Altezza that works just fine.
It has a different plug , and no earth terminal but as Rossco pointed out they are all the same and dont need too have the seperate earth.
It reads basically the same as the other sender , though it doesnt seem too fluctuate quite so much. .

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