OEM running boards

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Jan 18, 2005
First 200 series post, Woo-hoo.
I bought the :princess: a '08 200 series, silver, and she just called and said she just trashed the passenger side running board. So the question is do any of you that have put on aftermarket sliders have a passenger running board that you want to sell. Its not a wheeling rig, and she does'nt want sliders, although as of today she needs them. Let me know, Mike
How did she crush it ir not wheeling?

I threw mine away...sorry.
I'd be willing to take mine off and pick up sliders when Slee installs my ARB in a month. It would help keep the SO a little happier about the cost of all the add-ons. PM me if you're interested.

How did she crush it ir not wheeling?

I want to know the same thing. I destroyed mine on a difficult trail. No way a road could even touch those things.

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