Odd sensation/hesitation around 50 MPH

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May 6, 2015
Davie, FL
For the last year I've noticed while driving that I get a slight hesitation sensation under my foot and when looking down its always right around 50mph. Keep in mind I am not accelerating at all. This is driving straight holding it right around 50mph (uncorrected speedometer with bigger tires). This occurred when I was using the stock tire size as well.

RPMs and speed do not change at all. The only item I can imagine doing this is the torque converter. Is it possible at 50mph it is locking and unlocking occasionally and this is creating that slight hesitation? Maybe throttle position sensor? I've let the Ecm relearn after unplugging the battery and no codes are displayed.

I highly doubt many other drivers would even notice this but I notice it mainly because it doesn't happen in any other speeds. Thanks!
My cruiser has a different trans than yours but my torque converter locks almost always right after 4th gear and feels almost like another gear, if you experience this before the hesitation then my guess would be that it's an engine problem since you only feel it after the engine and trans are at a 1:1 ratio.
If it is so I couldn't help you there since I have a different engine but I'd do a tune up (coils, plugs, injectors, maf...) or a check atleast.
I could be wrong this is just based on my understanding of how torque convertors work

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