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Dec 15, 2003
Don't know if any of you guys get down that way, but I'll be in OBX the 3rd week of April cruising the beach, fishing and hanging out.

If anyone else is gonna be in that vicinity, let me know!!
We'll be down there from April 15 - 22. Can't wait to cruise the beach and check out for a while.
Where in OBX? We usually stay in Hatteras and run off of ramp 55, down near the Oracoke Ferry. What a great place. We go in October for surf fishing.

Well, we kind of made up a trip a few years ago and it has worked out so well, we've kind of used it as a skeletal guide for every other.

The trip from Charlotte is obviously a longer haul than you Eastern NC guys have so we are usually ready for a respite once we hit Roanoke Island. We usually hang out around Manteo for a day or two to decompress and then head over to the banks.

Then we head north through Duck and Corolla and out on the beach towards the VA state line. Maybe camp a night up that way and then start the journey south.

Take 12 south back past the bridge to RI and through Nags Head and into Hatteras. We have stayed in Buxton in the past and there is a nice campground we like in Frisco.

Then we head over to Ocracoke Island for a few days to continue chilling OBX style. This year we are going to add Portsmouth Island to the itinerary and camp out there for a night or two.

Then to Cedar Island and a night in the Beaufort area. Then onto Swansboro and a day of paddling out to Bear Island to camp.

Paddle back, get in the car and head back to Charlotte for work. That's always a tough transition... :crybaby:
That sounds like an awesome trip. Can you take your vehicle over to Portsmith island?

We usually head straight to Hatteras and fish and fish and fish some more. Not any camping. I would like to camp and do some kayaking or kite surfing.

Yep, that's the plan. Get off the ferry, air down and head out! Usually the north side of the island has good drum fishing.

I hear you on the fish, fish and more fish. That's how we go it with the guys trip in the fall. I'll get some fishing in on this trip but it's not the main focus unfortunately.

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