NWTC Car Show, May 3rd, Green Bay

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Feb 13, 2007

May 3rd, $2 per person to spectate, $5 to enter a car preregistered a week in advance, $7 day of. Nick Bressers and I had our jeeps next to each other but they put us on the grass. Nick tried to park on my tire but was just going to rip up the lawn, but if we can contact them ahead time and get a paved spot maybe we can get a line of rigs parked on the next rig's tire. There is always a loud exhaust competition, classes are by quantity of cyilinders. The first year I did it there were flurries, the 2nd it was 68 and sunny.

I just called and left a message to get more info, ask about putting banners up. This is next Sunday, who can make it?? Who will be there?? I won't put my rig in it if I'm the only one. Just because it is a car show doesn't mean your rig has to be pretty or old.


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