NV4WD assn.

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Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
To preface this e mail...
We met the president of the Nevada 4 wheel drive association (Larry). He and I had a pretty lengthy discussion re. Land use, the nv assn. and where it's heading and we discussed the role of clubs w/ in the organization.
The Assn. is to cover nevada, but it also going to be active in the nor cal trails as well.

Sooooo... Just wanted to share the e mail I got.


Keith, Likewise, enjoyed talking with you about landuse problems and club participation in the Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association. Having been involved in 4WD clubs for close to forty years and also having been involved in the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs for nearly as long, I've become convinced that clubs are the backbone of any Association. When it comes to discussing land use issues, club members are much more informed than individual association members because they have a forum within their club in which these issues are discussed. Also, I feel that club members are much more dedicated members of an association than its individual members because club members are much more into the sport, they live 4 wheeling. Additionally, an association needs its clubs to do the front work in any activities that are offered to the membership, such as events, i.e. trail rides, ghost town tours, etc. Because of peer pressure, club members come through whereas individual members are more prone to say "the heck with it". Therefore N4WDA is extremely interested it having member clubs and is seeking out all clubs within Nevada. If you know of others, give us a name and contact and we'll get in touch with them. Although we intend to be a statewide organization, we want to get our local Reno/Carson/Gardnerville corridor clubs aboard first, as it, logistically speaking, makes the most sense. I have a Club Packet that we developed with an information sheet and individual membership applications for each club member. Please send me a mailing address and I'll snail-mail the packet to you. The way the Nevada Four Wheel Drive Association's club membership program operates is as follows: 1. The club joins N4WDA at an annual cost of $100.00 and sends N4WDA a roster of club members. 2. Each member submits a N4WDA membership application with $25.00 annual dues and the member is checked against the list. (club members get a $5.00 break from the normal $30.00 annual dues. 3. If, at renewal time, the club has at least 10 members belonging to N4WDA, the $100.00 fee is waived. Let me know when and where your club meets and I or another representative will attend your meeting and answer questions about N4WDA. Larry Calkins 246-3212

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