November club business meeting Tuesday 21st at 7pm

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Jun 11, 2005
Colorado Springs
This will be the last "business meeting" of the calendar year, as the December meeting will be the Christmas party.

Come out to Bristol Brewery for dinner and a beverage, 5:30pm to 7pm. Then over the Larry H. Miller Toyota /South (on motor mile, at I-25 and South Tejon) from 7pm to about 8pm.
Count me in for this one. Could you please bring a decal for me also? I'll be bringing cash! Or maybe i should bring a check. :rofl:
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Or maybe i should bring a check

LOL, I got Ryan to make out a deposit slip for me so that I could take/deposit the checks I have had since August/September. Hahahaha

Yes, I will bring the club stickers and the four remaining t-shirts!
Anybody at Bristol? I'm not recognizing anyone here.
Hey @SAS, any chance there is still an XL shirt left? I thought I had reserved one but work keeps me from attending most meetings. If not is no big deal Ill catch the next batch.

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