not cruiser related but my new build

Nov 3, 2009
With a name like mtn biker you would think that all i would post about would be mountain bikes, yet i haven't posted one thing to CSC about mountain bikes. Well that is all about to change. With most of the smallish projects done on Uma I am starting to focus my time energy and money on my next build. Unfortunately no it is not an 80, or even a 4runner or mini truck. No I am building up a new mountain bike. Lets just hope for better luck with this one then the last 2 which were stolen right out of my enclosed carport. This was is the story of my too good to be true face book deal. There was a guy who said "free first come first serve no holds." It was his down hill bike that looked like the tail end of a crime scene. All that was left was a rolling chassis with 2 flat tires. I was fortunate enough to be the one to pick it up or else this story would really suck. Anyway the derailleur hanger was missing, that was the first obstacle that i had to over come, with help from a local frame welder i got that replaced. The P.O. got a hold of me yesterday and said that he has the seat post and the rear brake caliper mounting bracket.


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