Not an LC but some car candy

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May 11, 2011
Wilmington NC
Was asked to throw some pics of the old car up

so i obliged.....

was a 2002 zo6 fraken-vette

not much changed cosmetically, just blacked out and set of wheels lol

but underneath is where it made its money i had a lsx iron block punched to 408ci with a Texas speed crank, had it custom built top to bottom. custom grind cam with 620ish lift on 110 lobe sep. Trickflow cnc port/polish heads to match cam grind , FAST 102mm intake , nick williams 102mm throttle body, Harland sharp pushrods and rockers, ls7 lifters, diamond forged nitrous pistons. cometic gaskets, royal purple everything, msd ignition all the way around, 62lb injectors, race radiator setup. kooks 1 7/8 headers straight back thru gutted cats (keep car cooler) to borla stinger exhaust and a 150shot wet single stage nitrous system with all the doodads.beefed up tranny and the whole nine yards straight back.
3.42 gears custom tuned maps for pump 93 and spray, and 118octane and spray

Ended up having to pin the crank down like you would on a blower cause it was turning rpms so fast it was spinning the locktited pressfit crankbolt out.
All in all car put down 540 on motor and 725 on the nitrous

have build receipt somewhere its literally 2.5 pages long

car used to eat 03 700hp cobras for breakfast just on motor

here some teaser pics







and on top of it..... this is driving at 75mph 6th gear 22mpg highway when u floored it you could literally watch the gas guage go down
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Sweet, but i would hurt myself with that thing.

Or atleast get a few tickets.
What did you have Al ?

Old cars, it should read

Had quite a few ls cars..... none putting out 700 hp though most mine was was at 513 corrected HP

I did part own a 800hp 67 camaro back in the day though.... those were fun trips to school.

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