Northwoods Overland June 25-27

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Feb 12, 2005
Wausau, Wisconsin
I called Jeremy to check availability for the week end he has no group site but he has room in the the camp ground. We have five in our group so far best discount is with 10 trucks. If anyone would like to join in the fun let me know.
Thanks Randy
Randy, if you've got room I'll give it a go.
I may also tag along if you have room, I may not have the 40 running, but I can bring the Chevy if you don't mind.
Sounds great the more the merrier. My brothers are bringing Jeeps so brand doesn't matter. Looking forward to a relaxed weekend and a chance to meet new friends.

As for camping we plan on going up sometime on friday. If anyone wants to travel together give me a call. Randy

Take the blue one :D

We went there memorial weekend, had a blast. Even did the Tight and Technical trails with the grocery getter with no damage (surprisingly, thought I was going to loose a side window once or twice). Trails are super tight and twisty on some of the middle trails.

I might come up, depends on what the wife has planned. Possibly might only be a day trip.


(I should note as well, there are two mud holes, that don't look very deep, but are nearly impassable, unless you have a-lot of HP and a-lot of winch line).
Looks like it might be only a day trip for me also.

Lee, give me a call if you are going up.

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