northern Baja tour staring march 20 (2021)


Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
My son and I are thinking of taking our two rigs and maybe some of his friends on a tour of Northern Baja. Driving from northern California to Tecate on the 20th, and then crossing on the 21'st and then heading down the Sea of Cortez side for 2 days, then over the peninsula, and back up the Pacific side to cross back over on the 28th.

Here's our draft itinerary

March 20 - Day 1 – Depart for Tecate – 10 hours driving time. So, leave at 6 arrive at 6. Cross the border and spend the night in Tecate.

March 21 - Day 2 – Depart Tecate for San Felipe. Camp at Kiki’s. 4 hours

March 22 - Day 3 – Depart San Felipe (8:30am) Drive to Bahia de los Angeles (5 ½ hours), stay in rented house

March 23 - Day 4 – Depart Bahia de los Angeles (8am) Drive to Ranch Piedra Blanca (5 hours)

Or one of the other remote ranches in the area

March 24 - Day 5 – Depart Ranch Piedra Blanca (8am), drive to Bahia Tortuga (6.5 hours)

There are lots of stops on the way

March 25 - Day 6 - In Bahia Tortuga (camping? Hotel?)

This is a whale watching area, biological preserve

Lots of good stuff

March 26 - Days 7 – Depart Bahia Tortuga (8am), drive to near El Rosario (or somewhere along the way), stay in hotel – 6 hours

March 27 - Day 8 – Depart El Rosario (8am), Drive to Tecate passing through Ensenada – (3.5 to Ensenada, 5 to Tecate). We might spend the night in Mexico, or we could cross the border and spend the night in Rancho San Diego – another hour.

There are lots of interesting spot

Ensenada would be our chance for a decent size town

March 28 - Day 9 drive home – 10 hours

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