For Sale NorCal - FJ100 16" Wheel Set! $200 Local Pickup Only!

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Feb 26, 2014
United States
Up for sale is a set of 4 16" FJ100 wheels and tires(old). I just swapped out for a set of 18" tundra trd wheels and have no room for these. Located in Sausalito CA and will sell to the first person with cash in hand that picks up locally. Wheels are in decent shape with no major issues or dents. They're off a 2001 LC so there's the standard oxidation etc. The tires are toast but could roll a few more miles.
It is worth mentioning that those look like the "hyper silver" color and are not the same as the standard silver color found on most 100s from 98-02. Would only be an issue if someone wanted a matching spare as that color is not nearly as common. Nice wheels though at a good price.
PM sent.
Update here! I went through the trouble and cost of getting the junk tires removed. So now I can ship if need be: i also modded the center caps to fit my new tundra wheels so these are no longer included.
I'll take them.
I bought them.

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