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May 30, 2017
Bay Area, CA
I ordered this kit from Joey way back in April of 2019 when he first opened the site to pre-orders. I patiently waited for almost another year and around April of 2020 I received three large Wits End boxes. Cut to about a month later and my 80 got badly sideswiped while parked by some absolute moron in a Durango. Sure enough it got totaled out, but insurance did at least compensate me fairly well for the value of it.

I've been working a ton lately and kind of forgot about the turbo kit, but I'm certainly ready to sell it now. I would really prefer local pickup...shipping this kit somewhere else would be expensive and a real pain since I unboxed it to review all the parts and getting it all back in the boxes wouldn't be easy. Not to mention I no longer have the boxes all the smaller boxes were shipped in as I never expected to be re-selling this kit again. However with all the bad luck that Joey has had and hearing him mention he may simply pull the plug on this whole project...if you aren't in Nor Cal and you really want one of these kits, we can talk about a way to get it shipped to another state.

Included with the turbo kit is a box of OEM Toyota parts (radiator/water bypass hoses, all new clamps, VC gasket, spark plug tube seals, water outlet gasket, PCV, etc) a PHH work around kit, OEM thermostat and fuel filter. Also included is a Chilton manual, pair of used OEM 80 series tail lights, Aisin blue fan clutch and a single fender flare mounting hardware kit.

In terms of price I'd really just like to try and get my money back out of it. I paid a little over $6K including tax and shipping. I'd like to get $5.5K which was the pre-order price when Joey first opened the site to order it. Kit is flawless and in completely new condition. It never moved from the room I opened the boxes in when they first arrived directly from Witts End.





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