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Nov 22, 2010
Doylestown PA
hello all, my first post here after lots of reading...just got a 93 a couple months ago- from my in-laws-the original owners. (no hidden bomb found yet...)

The issue-In the last couple weeks I shifted into reverse a couple times and nothing happened (did this 3 times so far, all other times it worked fine)...rpms of course went up if I hit the gas, but the truck doesn't move. I shut off the truck and shifted into R again, and no problem.(!?) All other gears work when I have this issue-Drive, H/L, diffs. I read alot of posts on transmission issues but all mention some sort of clunk , grinding, etc., I have neither. The truck has 240k on it, original Motor / trans, transmission has not been rebuilt. The truck doesn't seem to surge or anything, shifts seem fine. AT fluid is full, no warning lights, no leaks I can see (nothing where I park at all). The truck is very clean and well cared for (Thankfully).

my only suspect in this so far is an aftermarket stereo that was put in with an ipod radio-connector and switch, which doesn't seem to work correctly. I have yet to tear into this-I'm planning on disconnecting and removing anyway.

Anyone have any ideas? Should I think Trans re-build soon? Or electrical gremlin of some sort?

thanks all-



M Go Blue
Aug 18, 2003
Nashville, TN
Check the fluid level first to make sure that is OK. Since you mention the installation of an IPOD cable, underneath the dash on the firewall above the brake pedal is the TCU - Transmission Control Unit that has a single wiring harness going into it. Make sure that is plugged in good and tight and no loose wires.

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