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May 21, 2004
MN physically, MI spiritually
Chad Darbin, Chado, Chad or Jenny Cruiser needs recognition here. Sometimes we over look the little guys trying to make a few dollars to fund their addiction to Land Cruisers. I thought I would thank Chad in public for being a stand up guy and supplying me with more than I expected. I ordered a RTT from Chad and it arrived well packaged and in great shape. It took a little longer than I expected and I got nervous about it and bugged chad relentlessly but all is well and I am very pleased with the purchase. So.... Sorry for bustin your chopps Chad :eek: and thanks for a great tent! :cheers:
If you truly are a photogod, we need pics of it installed :D

Glad to hear of a good customer/vendor relationship.

YUP, YUP!! Pics, please. Bonus for the kudos! :beer:
I am working on my trailer today to to get rid of the 17/8 hitch that some ya hoo put on there and restore it to the lunette. As soon as that is finished I have to rig up something to secure the tent to the top of the trailer and I will surely post photos.

The photo thing is really just a cover for my real duties as black opps for the Firm....

(from a different Chad)
Not photos of the tent cause I haven't set it up yet but something to keep you all satisfied. My trailer had a 1 7/8 receiver on it that someone, PO, put on. They actually cut the top off the lunet casting and welded the Y receiver on. And they did one hell of a job. I tried to cut it off but the welds were so deep I couldn't save the original C channel. Unfortunately the same C channel is not a stock item so I had my steel yard fab some up for me and they did a perfect job. $94.00 for 12 feet. I added another 13 inches to the original length so I could swing open my tire carrier without unhooking the trailer. I also cut out the box gussets from the old stock and reused them on the new stock to box the frame. I have had a NOS lunet casting and a NOS lunet in the workshop drawer for over a year and figured it was about time to have some fab fun. I used a cut off wheel to slice a notch in the C channel because the extended length changed the original angle from the C channel to the casting. After it was bolted up I welded the slots shut ground and painted. Grade 8 bolts and hardware. Looks a sight better than the original.

Photos of the tent to come later this week.
Photos of the tent mounted to the truck. Great quality and the changing room will fit inside or outside of the open tire carrier. The ladder is JUST long enough and I did add a couple more stop holes to extend it ever so slightly
very nice.

I especially like the changing room that whole set up is sweet.
Does Chad have a website?
Right. Never again sleep on the ground. I am not going to keep it on the roof rack though. It is a bit top heavy. I am fabbing up a mount to put it on the top of the trailer so I won't have to pack it every time I want to use the truck. Can't wait to give it a trial run.
Plan is to use it for expeditions on top of the truck and later build a trailer to mount it on for Base Camp Trips.
Who is Chad?


I've never bought anything from him, but he's always been a great customer of mine whenever he's bought stuff from me in the past, pretty laid back and very patient.

I would not hesitate to buy his products.

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