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Sep 20, 2004
Can't delete this old one. Please send what ya got. I intend to get the next Newsletter out before the end of May. This will provide some lead time for folks to schedule on McGrew, Swap Meet, August meeting & possibly Lost Coast, 45 run, & Marlins rubicon run in early Sept. Rubithon registrations should be done so you will not see anything on that until it is in the books.


Places such as Dusy, Fordyce, and others are on the books, need more info and final scheduling to become official runs.

I am interested in getting PMC on 2 trails in the near future, Fordyce and Dusy. It will be a shame if I never get to the Dusy and I was thrilled with Fordyce. Please help and send me any comments, stories, or plans you have for either of these places. I want to take the kids to Dusy but have never been and no nothing of the trailer parking, time it takes, type of wheelin to expect, what camps are like, special needs , etc....... HELP!!!!!!
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Get your info. in ASAP. Next issue mailed by next Wed. Please have something in by Tues.
thanks for the reminder John...!
Ok, so what is the scope with the news letter for June. I thought it was going out before the Rubithon.
It is not going to do to good now for peolpe who wanted to run Lost Coast with other PMC members.
Hey its not John's fault, I have not sent him my content yet, therefore, he has nothing to print. I will get it off to him in the morning, once I compose it tonight, Tue 8-Jul-2008.
I'm not pointing fingers. I know we all have are own personal things to do.
OK then it is John's fault!!!!
My fault.
It has been really hot, does that count ?
No daycare for summer.
Wife fired the lawn mower so I gotta do it.
Tryin to buy up all the foreclosures I can.
Convinced the wife to go to Rubicon. ( thats huge)
Fixin the 40 from rubicon
It has been really hot.
Got Fordyce, Marlin run, Pismo, and maybe McGrew on the table.
Got a swap meet comin up.
I been busy you see.
Takin RV to Bodega this weekend
Got laundry and dishes
and when I get some spare time I got a newsletter to write, print, mail.

I know I been droppin the ball lately, I do not intend to just look at it though, I will pick it up and run.
Come on. You mean you can't squeze in 10 more things to do.

I think we might be going on a Fordyce run on the 25th
Lets try and get a newletter out in advance of the August meeting. I'll have to update what I sent you. try to do that in the morning.

Ya, don't bother about putting in the Lost Coast. To late
Never too late, always go with what ya got. Simply changes from the To Do List to the event report section. Ever seen that part of the news letter ? Thats how many have been sent in.
In terms Micheal can handle---

It is not to late to get Lost Coast into the news letter. It will be in the trail report section and not the upcoming event section.

But you say you have never seen a trail report section ? I say thats how many have been recieved. I do believe that Jerod, Damon and Dave Thomas are the contributors for that section to date. I do appreciate all the submissions from our leadership group and hope to incorporate some content from our members in the future.

Micheal, please pm me regarding travel plans for Marlin run ?

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