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Apr 1, 2007
Hello to all. My name is John and I'm new to I in Menasha, WI (near Green Bay) and have a wife and 3 daughters.

I've always liked Toyota trucks but have only recently been able to own one. My first, which I'm now wanting to sell, is a 91 pickup. It has a lot of rust largely because of early owner neglect here in Wisconsin, the land of salty roads. At 214,000 miles though it drives better than any S-10 I've owned- all with a lot less miles. It runs great and goes into 4WD like a new truck. I bought the truck about six months ago and it has been my daily driver. Based on my experience with it I'm sold on Toyota. I just purchased a 2003 Tundra Access cab SR5 4WD. I love it so far. Based on what I've heard from other Tundra owners I'm sure I'm going to get 200,000 miles out of it with no problem. It is big enough for everything I need but not too big.

That's all I can think of for now.

Welcome aboard-my Yota's have never let me down and with proper maintenance yours never will either.

As I remind my Dodge friends frequently, I may spend a slight bit more on maintenance-but less often, and I certainly don't end up broken down on the side of the road like they do....:bounce:
welcome ;) backyard...well, when I'm home.....which won't be until

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