New to me LX470

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Aug 3, 2016
Mosman, Sydney.
Hi guys,

I recently picked up a 2004 LX470 in Blue Vapour Metallic over Galactic Grey Mica. She has 130,000kms or 80'000 miles with every service done at Lexus except the last. I drove from Sydney to Brisbane to trade in my JK Wrangler for it because I got sick of driving a Frat guy rig.

Unfortunately I was hit with the dash out job of the air mixer motor braking on me on the trip so there was just grinding noise and hot air. So that was around $2500 at the stealership. Other than that and some re-greased caliper pins all is going ok. I've had the gearbox flushed and done my valve cover gaskets due to a tiny hint of a weep.

The truck spent its life in a wealthy Brisbane neighbourhood of Ascot shuttling the kids back and forth from school. As a result 1 small door dint that I will have popped out and 3 minor dints in the roof you can't see, otherwise very clean and never seen the dirt.

I plan to lift it 2" and have been to two ARB outfitters in North East Victoria where I am temporarily staying at my folks place. They both told politely to go away. I then tried asking them if they had ever lifted a 100 series Sahara to which they replied yes and I then tried explaining that the AHC is identical. To no avail.

There is nothing wrong with my AHC but i'd just prefer to have a 2" lift for overlanding in rural regions.

Anyway enough rambling. I've been reading through all these great posts and am happy to be on the forum. I see maybe 30+ Landcruisers daily where I am living here near Bright Vic as everyone drives 80s, 100s and 70s locally being in the mountains. I am headed back to Sydney soon though due to lack of work around here and being tired of my oldies hehe.

I just fitted some new General Grabber AT2's which seem great. Didn't got too big though. 265/60/17 and it is sitting higher than the factory 275/65 Grand Treks.
You can easily achieve 2" of lift while keeping the AHC system intact.

Read around here on doing a sensor lift. I currently have 2" lift on my LX using the sensors. I added the 30mm rear spring spacers to bring my rear neutral pressures down some. I also added the Japan 4x4 shock spacers to move the hydraulic piston in the shocks back to near its original position when in N height.
Yeah I thought about that mate but I just live in fear of failed accumulators although i'm sure I am being OCD. All the Australian outfitters seem scared of touching these for some reason. Thanks for the suggestion. Great to be on Mud.
Congrats Mack, nice find and I am sure she will provide many years of great service. I love those wheels.

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