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May 30, 2010
I am looking to buy a Land Cruiser. I don't know a lot about land cruiser but have always thought they were nice looking rides. What I am looking for is what is the best year to buy a Land Cruiser or what was the last year they had a solid axle.
Welcome aboard!

Are you the Lawdog in the Texas panhandle keeping folks safe (and entertained)?

Anyway, I think the FJ60 series was the last with solid axles (1980 -89 I think). There may be some FJ80 with them as well. The 80, 100 and 200 series are most comfortable. The 60 series is known world over as a solid workhorse. The 40 and 55 series are the oldest and roughest, but they have the best lines.

All of these models can be seen on this forum as well as the site. TLCA is the Toyota Land Cruiser Association, a collection of individuals, independent local clubs, and businesses that support our cult.

Send me a Private Message (PM) and I will help you find the nearest chapter. Or, contact the TLCA Administrator, Jennifer Lorincz, at

Happy Trails! N
I hope you didn't send me an email - mine went kind of haywire while I was on vacation & a bunch of them landed in junk mail!

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