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Jan 2, 2020
Redwood Valley, CA 95470
Hi there all!!
I just read that this forum is for 95 and older but only noticed that after spending lost of time writing my introduction to the forum that 79 Y/M is oldest for being 'older' than 95 Y/M as is mentioned.
I ask for forgiveness in advance because what I have is a 1978 and it is a 2wd:rolleyes:... ... Not only that, is he Mini RV.o_O
However, I would like some information will be glad to share anything of help I might be able to offer.
Anyway, without further ado, here is my introduction:

I like to go on Dispersed Camping trips on unpaved back-roads, way out of town, in the desert Southwest, BLM Land and national forests etc..
I also visit some friends that live in the boonies on gravel/dirt and with sometimes muddy, rutted roads and/or 'driveways", some with numerous potholes in the roads, some of which look more like a pond or small lake.


At the time I got my Mini RV; other than the 15 inch rear wheels, it was pretty much mechanically stock.

1_ First photo of Chinook in Mojave with Utah lic pl before CA reg croped JPEG.jpg

I could not afford a four-wheel-drive when I got it in 2004... ...BTW, I still cannot afford a "dependable" four-wheel-drive with the amenities of what my Mini RV has.

Therefore, I have; in the course of a couple of decades +, modified my 1978 2wd 1/2 Ton Toyota Chinook Mini RV.

Engine: 20R, (stock)
Mods I have already Added:
2 1/4" exhaust pipe with 3 stage Flowmaster Muffler,
California 'legal', Weber 32/36 Carburetor, (Kit), Re-Jetted for the 10% methanol Gasoline that has been foisted onto us so as to to maintain idle RPM, within spec;
Extra 'Primary' Fuel Filter,
Holley 12-804 Fuel Pressure Regulator,
Fuel bypass line to gas tank needed as required by the CA 'legal' Weber installation,
94 amp, one wire GM alternator,
Rewired charging system with number 2 welding cable,
Added a 2nd auxiliary battery and used 00 welding cable,
Replaced the solid-state battery isolator with 2 independently switched continuous duty Isolator Relays that I control with toggle switches from the driver's seat,
I got rid of the Fan Shroud so I could fit fans in as pullers so I could finish replaceing the Cooling System's Clutch-Fan which was failing miserably and is in essence obsolete, (no more 'dependable' Fan-Clutch as new parts available for 78' Y/M).
I ended up Custom Building the electric cooling fan arrangement and configured id from all new parts.
BTW, I have further modified this system after these photos were taken.
Also, the missing TSV that should be on the radiator was not installed when the photo was taken. It is installed now.


Current Transmission, is a L42 Manual 4 speed*,
Custom-Built Rear Springs with 8 leaf packs to handle the heavy weight of the camper and keep the rear bumper from dragging when driving out of the Post Office parking Lot in Point Arena, CA, dirt roads with lost of dips and going across desert washes etc.,

3rd member; (differential), Has the 8" Ring and Pinion, Re-Geared to 4.56:1 Gear Ratio, with 30 Tooth Spline to the Axle Shafts; (the 5 lug axles),
Aussielocker Locking Differential was also added,

Modified; installed heavier front sway bar link bolts and grommets.... ...Was EZ.


I did not add the 15" Alloy Rear Wheels because it already had those when I bought it.
Rear tires are BF Goodrich Radial All Terrain T/A KO LT235/75R15 Tires which is a major upgrade from the 15 inch passenger tires that were not even LT tires when I got it.

Front tires are now upgraded to General Grabber AT_27X8.50R14, (Grabber AT2, Load Range C).

* = Changing the L42 4 Speed to a 'Hybrid' Rebuilt W56 5 speed... ...That, I need some advise on that I will ask about on a future thread.


Oct 28, 2016
When it comes to the tranny stuff I’d suggest taking to Marlin Crawler. Nice truck.
Jan 2, 2020
Redwood Valley, CA 95470
Thanks Josey1972 for your response.
Thank to all of you who have given the thumbs-up likes.

I will start another thread with my transmission swap upgrade questions. It should be on the forum sometime today.

P.S. I guess I should make some sort of an Avatar because the H inside the green square looks too much like a green, (instead of blue), Hospital road sign.🚑:hillbilly:

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