New to Hoosier land

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Jul 26, 2012
Im new to the area. Cummins moved me here from Utah. Like to scuff my tires but it seams that everything is at off road parks?:censor: is that???? I have a 1971 fj 40. (the rattle trap) sold my 91 fj80 before I left Utah :censor:!!!!! :bang:
Anyway interested in trying to get out there and off road ? Know of anything in the Columbus region thats worth doing?

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Welcome, to the great state of Indiana. The Hoosier Cruisers group has kind of hit a slow year this year, life has hit most of us. We are having a get together on Aug. 18 at Badlands off road park in Attica, IN. For more info check out the thread here about the hoedown. It will involve wheeling on the Friday and Sat. with a (usually) big get together at Sommers Carol campground on Sat. night. Hope to see you there.
O yea, check out the Ill- Windy City forum we all kind of jump between the two. Don't be scared we seem a lot worse on here than we are in person.
Welcome to IN! :lol: Sorry you had to leave Utah...:doh: I don't believe there are open lands here to wheel like out west. Most everything here is either private land you have permission to ride or parks. I think Haspen Acres is closest but I underestand it is mostly mud and drunks so most of us avoid it. Dirty Turtle is just over the border in KY south of Madison, IN. It looks pretty cool. Badlands has already been noted. The State of IN has Redbird and Interlake in the southwestern part of the state.

If you're willing to drive a little further Big Rock Offroad in Maysville, KY and Black Mountain in Harlen, Ky are also good places to ride.

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what department are you in with cummins? I also just moved out here from kansas city in late may for cummins. im in the tech center doing engine emissions dyno testing

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