New Steering column for Alex

Oct 22, 2004
Clemson, SC
Hey Alex, hope you see this thread with in the the next day. There is a steering column on ebay for sale. Can't remeber what exactly you were lookin for. Hope this helps.

Heck I don't know how to put the link in this thing, every time I try it just opens the stupid web page. The item number is 4516544968

Good luck Alex
Jun 7, 2004
Thanks, Brother!

I already have a steering column that I bought from Jay. Now I'm looking for a PS box mount for a mini truck box. I know there is one on ebay that I'm watching.

Thanks again!
Dec 29, 2002
nashville, tn
hey chuck!!!!

i still have those clutch slave parts sittin on my porch.

holler at me on the cell phone so i can get you directions....

or just keep readin.

go out under the train tressel at the top of down town. (on 133)
go out past 12 mile creek and over 2 bridges.
take a sharp left onto old six mile road (towards issaqueena dam)
take the first left onto gordon dr. (it comes up quickly)
then take a right onto lacustrian ln
i'm almost all the way to the end of that (401) and on the left.

there should be at least one cruiser there all the time....ha ha
the slave stuff is on the porch right at the top of the first set of stairs.

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