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Dec 15, 2014
Atlanta, GA
97 LX just came to town - what an awesome truck. Mark took excellent care of it - can't say enough nice things. Looking forward to meeting folks ont he board and going for a ride. Posted below on the main board, thought I would cross post and see if anyone has some insight. All help is appreciated!
As it is my first cruiser, had a few questions.
-Seems to start a bit rougher when hot than when cold. When cold, starts right up. When hot, seems to take just a second longer and have a rough feel. Smooths out almost immediately. Any thoughts?
-I use to run 15W-40 Rotella in my old Wagoneer to keep from leaking everywhere and I though the higher milage engine may like the extra Zinc and other additives. If I wanted to run something thicker for a LX with 209k on the clock, what visc. should I be looking at? It does leak oil but not too bad.
-Have looked at a few threads concerning the factory radio. Know I want to replace along with speakers. I have seen a lot of threads on the head unit but what about speakers? What size should I be looking at and how many? Anyone ever replace tweeters, sub, etc? Or just stick 4 speakers in and ride?
-Looking to replace the stock roof rack with a Yakima. What should I use to fill screw holes on top of roof? Keep screws in? Take out?
-Looking like I will need a new front window motor. Best to talk to guys on the boards for new OEM or source a used one?
-Are people pretty happy with the Weather Tech floor mats? Are there better/cheaper options?
Know that's a lot of questions - thanks for all the help!
Radio ? -- Get with "Radioridge (mudd name)" Andy with STLCA . He owners a radio shop in Jasper , TN .

Rack ? -- I put the screws back in in the holes with a little silicone on them . (keeps water out and you know where you put the bolts if you ever want to reinstall factory rack ) .

Window motor ? -- OEM

Weather Tech ? -- Love them !

Enjoy the new ride .
for your window motor, try car-partDOTcom
great prices on used stuff and not drive to junkyard and sort through a bunch of stuff.
search through the parting out section and you should find window motors for around $20-$30...
Pics coming this weekend. Thank you for the oil and parts recommendations. Have been in touch with Beno - might try to pull one or will go with new parts if I can't find anything soon.

There is a set of weather tech mats in the for sale section..."musthave" has them for sale

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