New rebuild sounds like a lawn mower? Carb intructions maybe?

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Jul 12, 2005
So I took the 60 on its first 100 mile trip yesterday to make sure it was ready for a weekend of wheeling. It sort of sounds like a lawn mower when I'm gassing it. I think thats sort of what it sounded like before but it was in peices for quite some time. And air pumping lawn mower! Definately gets up hills in 4th that it would lose speed in 3rd on before. Would that be a correct engine noise discription?

It started out idling kind of hi at the beginning of the trip but was hardly holding an idle by the end of my journey. What gives? Does someone have some good instructions for adjusting the carb (i.e. where all the different screws are and which one does what) I did a search but was not satified!

Its a 1986 fj60 stock carb and 2f

Thanks guys
It sounds like a lawn mower? Gas, or electric? I always thought that a healthy 2F sounded a little like an electric motor.

If it idles at 600 to 800 with the AC off, I wouldn't mess with it.

And don't mess with it wihout the FSM - carb adjustments are fully described in the FSM.

Did you do a rebuild on the carb when the engine was done? Head rebuilt?

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Chilton's Toyota Service Manual 68600. It Covers 1970 To 1988 Lc. Has Good Carb Adj's In It. Auto Zone.
A gas mower actually! Gas milage seems about right based off of how much the gauge has moved.

The idle is my main concern as it may be idling quite a bit while on the trail.
Any online links since the week end is really close?
I just filled the tank up today. Looks like 11.6 mpg uncorrected. 13.? mpg with the 33s figured in. Looks like a carb rebuild/adjustment and I have a vac line that needs to be fixed. Maybe thats where all the extra noiseis coming from?

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