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Feb 1, 2012
The Battlegrounds is a 38 acre private property located in Rutland, MA

Trail rating:
The bulk of the property is blue with multiple optional green, black and red trails and ledges.

Trailer parking is available around and behind the landowners barn. Parking for 15+ trailers in this location and potential for more if needed

There is a $20 per rig fee due to the landowner or Chris Thompson at the time of wheeling.

There will be a waiver onsite that will need to be signed by EVERY person taking part in a trail ride.

There will now be a 5 rig minimum to wheel this property. Thanks!
I’m def down for that too, just have to check calendars. Let’s make a club turnout there! Thread if needed? How can I help Will?
This is a new NEA property I have never been. It does have green trails
I am not able to make it this weekend.
4hr each way and I still have staples in my belly from recent hernia repair, so I'm not quite ready.
Probably would be a cranky bastard all day 👿 which I generally try to avoid.

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