New Member looking for a good rack & pinion source, or at least one to avoid

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Nov 16, 2017
Denver, Colorado
I'm Ace, a Denver resident and owner of my 3rd Tacoma (love 'em). I'm a good mechanic and have done pretty much everything you can do on a car or truck, and currently restoring a '71 Datsun 240z (take a look at or

The rack & pinion on my '97 (2WD) is leaking fluid and occasionally groans during turns. I'm looking for a "budget priced" rebuilt replacement, but I need some advice on the manufacturer. I'm pretty certain the cheapest ones ($200 range on eBay) are crap, so what company or seller should I look for?

Additionally, what else should I replace, or at least inspect, while I have the system apart? I plan on owning this one for quite a few years, so it's best to adjust or replace before it breaks down miles from home.


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