New M100 owner - few questions..

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May 19, 2009
I've been browsing around this site for a while looking at trailer builds and just now joined. I picked up a M100 in relatively good condition - I'm at work right now but I'll post a few pics later tonight. I plan on pulling the trailer from AZ to NJ and I definitely want to make sure it gets there ok. First thing is to buy a new axle. What size axle are you guys running? I want to run 35's with a 15x8 - 4inch backspace wheels. ABC trailer has a 62 inch wheel hub face to wheel hub face, and 48 inch spring mounts, wheel this work? I want to keep the springs and just replace the shocks. I don't care about the brakes, I'll just get an axle with the brake flange so I can add them later. Is it pretty much a requirement to change the spring bushings when you do a SOA? Thanks for your help.
No one can help me out? I need to know what size replacement axle everyone uses.....
You can order a custom spec'd axle from ABC for the same price as the ones in stock, $125 last time I checked. Get an axle with the same WMS as the axles on your truck, and measure the distance between the centers of the spring pins on your trailer to get the distance for the spring pads. The instructions are on their webpage.
I would measure it, but I am stationed overseas right now, 62 inch WMS will work for me, but I don't know the distance between the centers of the spring pins, that should be universal for all of us M100,M416, M101 CDN - Thanks everyone
I measured 39" from spring pin to spring pin measuring from the bottom of the spring on my stock trailer. Post that up in your thread to make sure that the number is correct before ordering your axle.

Glad I could help :cheers:

Johnny C

Thanks for the help, I thought the distance would be a little more but I will use this, thanks again!
Just to confirm, the distance from spring pin to spring pin is 39", correct guys?

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