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Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
Guys, my buddy came through on the logo!! I have PDF of several different options he put together. I can't post them b/c I don't have the jpg files yet, but I emailed him asking for them.

I can't wait to share and see what you guys think. A couple are BADA$$
Very cool! I'm anxious to see them, and if you could email them to me joe at 4x4wire dot com. I am close to wrapping up the new website, the outstanding items now are logo, gallery, and overall look.
Have a look....

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[size=+4]My Favorite[/size]

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All I got is the famous red X.

Went thru and right clicked them and looked at them.
I think that's fixed now.
I can't see the 4th one - red x
I THINK, the links are now all correct. Anyway, I just realized he left the "e" off of "Olde" on some of the logos. I'll get that corrected.

Nobody has really said if they liked them or not, just which one they preferred. Obviously, none of them have to be used if you guys don't really care for them. Personally, I think they are sweet.
Hey, I like them all, But I really like the 3rd, and 4th!
If you are looking for another design, Ive always like the logo i have below, maybe could use that some how.

I also really like how used the front bezel in this logo. on the round iron decal
I like the idea of it having a 40 of course because we have one, but there are others that may not be too excited about that idea. The logo works for all Cruisers... My .02.
first one looks cool also...
I think the fifth one looks pretty sweet to me.
I agree with #5!
I like the 2nd one the best... *shrugs*

The idea of a logo is to relate all of the members with a simple sticker... If there's a 40 on the logo the members without 40s wouldn't be related. Just a thought. Me personally don't care if there's a 40 or a LandCruiser on at all.
Definitely #5.

I didn't even notice the e missing - doh!

Any chance your friend can do the same logo with a 60/62, 80, FJC, 55? It'd be nice to have them all.


Or, what is it about these vehicles that unites them all?

And can there ever be an image w/ a Cruiser that everyone is pleased with?

(I really like the 40 image and am totally fine with it!)

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