New join. Couple of questions.

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Jun 26, 2016
Northern VA
New purchase of a 2004 LC out of Arizona. Took a long time to find a good one to build up for posting overseas next summer to Jordan. Got frustrated looking at one rusted out LC after another here in Northern VA. Long time 1st gen Tundra owner.

I am going to do a light build with a lift 33in tires and some light accessories. Will probably travel around the Middle East with it but stay in hotels.

First things first I baselined it with all new fluids and had the front bearings done. All maintenance was up to date and on the car fax.

The only functional thing I am looking to do immediately is slap Ina set of OEMroof racks. I have a bunch of Yakima stuff squired through the years that I want to keep. Prior to going overseas I'll probably put on a more solid rack.

So... Looking for some racks. Promise to pass them on when I am done with them.

Great site. Helped a ton in my search.

Semper Fi
Thanks man. Should be good for over there. White might have been a better choice for the Middle East but... Black does have its own thing.
Excuse my ignorance but aren't there tons of sweet cruisers (like 105's and diesels) over there all ready?
Excuse my ignorance but aren't there tons of sweet cruisers (like 105's and diesels) over there all ready?
Sweet cruiser though, my favorite color!
welcome to the forum! i'm from Jordan & I'd love to take my 100 to Rum Valley or Petra. Enjoy it for me!
They have great cruisers in the Middle East. Finding one in good shape and in the budget can be tough. Wildly popular. Work pays to ship a car so will take this over. Maybe bring something back.

I will be over for awhile and will look to bring back something 25 years old when I return.

Petra and Rum Valley are on the list.
Quick question for the group. Does anyone know if ther is a medium duty aftermarket rack that will accept Yakima accessories. Would like something with a bit more weight bearing capacity than the Yakima options circa 160lbs but like to use the accessories that I have.
We have a rack from Gamivitti, and we use the Yakima canoe-carrying accessories with it. It's a very strong roof rack.

Roof Racks
Thanks guys. Will look into it. Question? Anyone have a humming vibration around 2700rpm. All fluids have been replaced the shafts have been lubed and the timing belt was done 30k ago..

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