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Nov 15, 2007
Los Angeles
Just passed my Technician class, so now I need to get a radio and get on the air!
nice Brad, check out the Ham thread in the electronics section on this site there is a review of most radios and antennas out there. i'm running a Yaesu 7800R.

You can search here for your call. Should be there within a couple of days. Use you FRN to search.

License Search
Good work Brad. Welcome to the airwaves. It's a good and extremely useful 'mod' to add to the truck. Lets get out again soon.

Thanks guys!

I'm starting to look into mobile transceivers and would like to put something into my empty single din spot. Anything you guys seen and liked? Looks like most of the stuff is too big and I'd have to keep the box in the back.

Anyway, I'll let you know when my call sign comes in.
I have a Yeasu FT-8800. Dual-Band/Dual-Receive with remote head unit. I think Yeasu is giving you the separation kit for free until the end of the month. I'm sure there are better radios, but for the price it's really hard to beat.

BTW, the head unit is very small, and you can mount it just about anywhere.

Good luck!

I have the 7800 too. it's real small..(like cell phone size circa '98)

there's some software for it on the net that sposed to be super easy to program it with.


oh, and it will be likely 3 weeks till you get your callsign....i fell for the "check in a few days" line too...bugged me for the rest of the 2 weeks, thought I was bumped off the list by Cheney er sumthin...

Looking at the Yaesu 7800 with a detachable face. I think I may get some help on this for my upcoming birthday. I'm excited to get on the air
You dont want to mount your HAM in the dash, it gets too hot. It's not like a CB.

What Dave says is true. Don't know about the 7800, how much heat it puts off, but generally they do get hot and if it's stacked below/above the stereo, that could lead to problems with either radio.

The beauty of a handheld (HT) is that it can be mounted semi-permanent in a rig, but still be mobile in case you move into another rig or just need to carry it for whatever reason. If you're around, I can show you how I mounted my Yaesu VX-5R with a permanent antenna and power supply and mike.

FWIW. Dan.

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