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Feb 9, 2008
Orange, Ca, USA
Hi, my name is Todd and my 1984 FJ60 is being dropped off tonight (great condition with a bad t-case). I'd really appreciate a few tips from the local crowd: Where can I pick up a transfer case rebuild kit locally (I live in Orange and work in Corona/Riverside) or should I just buy one on-line? Also where's the best place to purchase all the repair manuals? I've been lurking on MUD for a few months now and hopefully I can have this thing running great by the next meeting so that I can join you-all. Also, I'm a fabricator and machinist with a CNC shop in corona so if anyone is looking to have some work done let me know. I accept beer, H55 transmissions, split cases, lockers, tires, etc as payment.:cheers:
Welcome:cheers: I am not certain where the best place is to buy the transfer case rebuild kit locally. However, you may want to PM or call cruiserdan on the board for an OEM rebuild kit and manuals. His prices usually are better than you can find locally, even if you have a dealer connection, and free shipping with parts over $100 (he ships quickly). Here is a link to how to get in touch with him:**-ih8mud-com-vendor-marketplace-**/17873-getting-cruiserdan.html

Definitely join us at a meeting sometime, with or without a cruiser. One of our members just finished a FJ60 with a V8 conversion that is really nice and that I am sure you will look over carefully...

Thanks for the tip. I've heard alot about cruiserdan and planned on getting a quote from him. I didn't know about the free shipping though. Cool deal.

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