New Camping/overland rig!

Nov 7, 2018
so california
Looking for something inexpensive I found a 1996 Toyota T100 4x4 manual is this pretty capable off roader?I don't plan on doing rock crawling. Or should I look elsewhere? I was also looking at Land Cruisers 80s and 100s what would work best?
If I go with the truck I plan on putting a camper shell on it and a bed! can you guys help me out don't know what to do!
Dec 29, 2011
I LOVED my T100. At the time I thought it was in between sizes (too big and too small at the same time), but in hindsight, it was just right f it's you +1 and a dog or two in the extra cab. Took me and the dog all over Colorado and Wyoming. I didn't offroad it per se, but it did see some dirt.

Noticeable features were a 6'-ish bed, hand crank windows, split bench front seat and a back seat for Pete the big black dog. My dad bought it from some surfer in Virginia and I bought it from him. Good in the snow and good on gas.

Suspension parts were hard to find at the time, but that could've been because I was fairly new to Toyotas and didn't understand the parts cross-over potential between Toyota models.

It left me stranded one time when an injector went bad (that was an easy fix by a local shop) and another time when I ignored the steering rod recall and it snapped on me! Toyota reimbursed me for the towing and fixed it free of charge. I remember replacing the starter, timing belt, and alternator as prevention. It had a salvage title, but looked and ran perfectly fine. My guess it was stolen at some point. I rue the day I got rid of it. I traded it straight-up in 2010 for a strong-running, very rusty FJ55. The T100 is an awesome truck. I'll get another one someday.
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