new bumper arrives tomorrow

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Jun 30, 2003
is there anyone on the somerville area between 3 - 6pm that can help me lift/move a 300lb bumper?

will bribe with beers.
girly man
i am sitting here waiting at my apt for the 3rd time! they missed the delivery the first two.

the skid id over 300 lbs they told me. i also ordered the iron pig skig plate. beefy stuff.

randy, i sure could use your help with a quick install! i am mostly worried about how to get the old bumped off with out it falling on me and getting the new one held in place while i bolt it up. these are the modes the finace refuses to help with.
bumper is here...

Randy, do you think i can get the current one off with a grinder and some tools by myself or will it fall on my head and kill me?
Pete - I think you could remove the rear bumper, just don't lay under it when you remove the bolts. :eek: It is made up of three separate parts: Side wings and rear center section. Give it a shot and if you have trouble, drive over and we'll do it together.

I can help you install the new stuff so shoot me an email with times that you're available.
Pete I say you loosen the bolts and tie the bumper to a tree and gun it....
so its not welded on at all randy? that would be good news.
Is this the stock rear bumper? If so all it is are plastic wings. Would not hurt a baby. The center section is just the rear crossmember of the frame.
perfect. thanks randy. new bumper going on saturday morning. i will post pics.
Do you have help to install the new bumper?

i dont. i might be able to swing it. i can lift it on my own. i think it might rest on the frame once i get it up there to get the bolts in...
thanks all. i got it on this AM. not so bad. every single smaller bolt broke when taking off the old bumper. thankfully i didnt need to re-use the holes. looks pretty good. man that is a big tire when it is off the back of the truck like that!

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